5 Video Types To Make For your SAAS Sales and Marketing

You’re providing a great service or an amazing product? It’s time to tell the world about your business and build a great audience. The video is the best option for SaaS to increase sales.

Before starting, Evardi can help you to create all the videos below. So, If you need help don’t hesitate to try our services. We make great professional videos that will help you to increase your conversion rate and sales.

So, let’s get started discovering what are the videos that any SAAS business should make.

1- Advertising Videos

If you don’t have an audience or your business is just started, you need to get discovered. So, for that, the best solution is to make Video Ad Creatives.

Video Ads will skyrocket your sales and help you to increase your conversions because. Also, it’s considered the highest converting advertising format on social media.

2- Explainer Video

What we mean by explainer videos is explaining to your niche how your product or service will help them. For example, If you have a SAAS Business that solves a particular problem you can make an animated video, in order to be simple, easy, and funny for watchers.

3- How-to and FAQs Videos

Giving something that has value for free is a great way to make more conversions. For that, we recommend creating videos that give answers and solve problems. 

4- Social proof

People should trust you first before buying. For this reason, we recommend making customer stories as social proof. The idea here is to increase trust by providing some good feedback and success stories of clients that liked your service or product.  

5- Value vs Customer Money

Interested people in your solution start asking if the service you will give them is really worth their money or if it’s just a waste of time. So, to let your audience be comfortable and trust your product we can upload a Case Study video.

You should be clear by providing some real statistics details and the amazing results got by using your solution.

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