Conversion rate optimization - How to get a high conversion rate?

how to get a high conversion rate

" Everything is perfect but my conversion rate is too low " this is what most people say when they don't start getting good results.

Let me tell you first that everything has a reason and factors that affect the final result.

The conversion rate is one of the main metrics that help marketers to measure the performance of the marketing work that they did.

So, deciding to improve your conversion rate is one of the best choices to improve revenue and profit. At least better than investing more in marketing and accepting the same rate of results.

So what do we mean by a conversion rate, what is a good conversion rate for your business model, which factors affect the conversion rate, and what are the solutions for optimizing my result? So, Let’s discover that!

What Is a Conversion Rate?

Conversion Rate may be defined as an Indicator that help us to know the percentage or number of people who completed the action we want them to do on the website (Content Download, Purchase, Subscription, Email newsletter Sign up, Free trial registration, and more) after bringing visitors to your website from different marketing channels like social media, email newsletters, organic and paid search, etc.

Note: For SAAS businesses, the main conversion rate is the percentage of Freemium users who started paying a pack subscription.

The formula of Conversion Rate: Number of Conversions / Total Number of Visitors

What is a good conversion rate for your business model?

We can't say that this x percentage is considered a "Good" Conversion rate because it depends on a lot of factors like your business model, industry, your targeted countries, acquisition channels used for marketing, type of conversion, and more.

For that reason, we want to share with you some statistics on the average conversion rates across different industries in 2022.

Statistics of Conversion Rates in 2022:

Average eCommerce conversion rate by industry:

The food, drink, and tobacco industry is ranked at the top of average eCommerce conversion while sporting goods have the lowest average. The reasons for that are not too clear but this is the reality of eCommerce conversion rates.

B2B average conversion rate by industry:

If your business is related to professional, financial, media, or publishing services, let me tell you, you are in the best service industry in terms of conversion rate.

Average conversion rate by traffic source

Another surprise! Paid and organic search converts more than any other traffic source.

Landing Pages vs Lead Generation

More Landing pages equals more leads. As you see on the chart, for websites that made over 40 landing pages they are making 12 times more leads than those who made less than 6. Also, we know that 62% of B2B businesses have less than 6 landing pages. 

Conversion Rate For CTA Buttons

Yes! Even the smallest things can make a huge difference. Numbers reveal the reality, for example, if you will use "submit" rather than "Click here" you will get a lower conversion rate.

What affects the conversion rate and How to Improve It?

May you think that the reasons causing a low conversion rate for your business are difficult to optimize. I just wanna tell you that this is not 100% true, because sometimes even the smallest details can make the biggest difference in your business conversion results.

So let’s discover together what causes a low conversion rate and the best ways to fix it.

Website Design and Speed: 

Website page speed has a big noticeable impact on visitors' behavior and automatically affects your conversion rate.

Statistics always show that the quicker a webpage loads the better performance result you will get.

What is the good loading speed of website page speed? What can I tell you is that 46% of users expect a website page to load in 2.2 seconds or less. So, If your web pages are loading for more than 3 seconds you should optimize your website speed.

If you want to test your website speed, you can check these online tools:

Also, we should not forget the point of website design because it has a huge impact on conversion rate. 

Let me give you an example. 

Did you know that removing page navigation from your landing pages boosts conversion rates by up to 100%? Well! That’s what statistics reveal.

So, If you think that making a landing page or website is just an easy task and you should not focus on the details, let me tell you that you should think again about that because when we compare numbers we see a huge difference.

In case you need help optimizing your website Design and speed, check Evari Services to make your website professional and high converting at an affordable price.

Call to action (CTA)

Using a strong (CTA) call to action that entices people to act.

To simplify this point I want to reshare with you the statistics of the Conversion Rate For CTA Buttons by changing the anchor text. 

Product images

According to an eBay Study, an increase of 28% in image size will increase conversions by 63%.

Also according to the same study, visitors of online stores judge the quality of an image as the quality of the product. So, making high-quality product images is a priority if you have an e-commerce store.

If you need to make professional high-quality product images try our service at Evardi (We offer good quality at an affordable price).

Landing Page Video

Did you know that you can increase your conversion by 86% just by adding a video on your landing page?

Yep! That is true. For that reason I recommend you to add a video inside your landing pages.

If you need to make professional high converting videos try our service at Evardi (We offer high quality at an affordable price).

Mobile device

Making your website responsive will also make a huge difference by increasing your website performance and conversion rate. 

Website surfers on mobile devices also need a good user experience with fast loading and a beautiful design.

So, please make sure that your webpage works well on different devices of different sizes (Mobiles, Tablets, Desktops)

Offer Price vs Value

To get a higher conversion rate the value of your service or product should be greater than the price or at least the visitor should feel that.

How do I know the price that I should sell for? Honestly, it depends on a lot of variations like your competitor's price, your service, or product quality. Understanding your audience's needs and their purchasing power, etc.

Ad creative 

Sometimes advertisers don't match ad creative to the product or service they offer because they don’t understand the details of the needs of the clients.

If you need to make professional high converting Ad creatives, check our services at Evardi  (We offer high-quality services at an affordable price).

Payment gateways

Using just one payment method is the famous mistake that I see a lot of sellers making. 

A lot of marketers use for example PayPal only for their business or Stripe only. I still believe that this affects the conversion rate and that for a simple reason which is not all people use or at least love using PayPal or any other payment method. 

So, if you have the possibility to add more than one method of payment just do it because it will help your conversion a lot.

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