How To Create A Professional Eye-Catching Video For Online Ads

Let social media users stop the scroll by making an eye-catching video ad. This is what will make a difference from competitors, but a lot of marketers don’t know how to create this type of videos. So, in this article, we will discover the different ways we can use to make a professional high converting video creative.

The Different ways to make a professional commercial video.

Best Free online tools to make videos


With just your free Canva account now you can create a video. It enables you to make simple short videos by just drag and dropping.

PowerPoint / PPT

Yup! You can create videos with PowerPoint by using presentations with multiple different animations and inserting music effects and songs.

VN Video Editor App:

VN is a nice simple and powerful video editor. It’s one of the best-rated video maker android applications. This app is very easy to use and 100% free without showing watermarks in front of your final video. Also, it’s very fast when exporting videos.

Best paid online tools to create videos


Just drag and drop to design with custom templates, thousands Of Stock Videos, and more. With a premium Canva account, you have accessibility to 200,000 photos, 57,000 graphics, 13,000 videos, and endless content.


Animoto is also an online tool that enables you to create and share videos by dragging and dropping and customizing text size, colors, fonts, and placement of video clips to create the look you want.

You can check their different plans by clicking this link.

Outsource the service:

If you don’t have time or you don’t have experience in creating commercial videos, and you want to make professional high converting video ads for your business marketing campaigns. The best solution for you is to give the work to someone that has a good experience in the.


Evardi is an agency that helps businesses by providing them with some digital marketing services, making professional ad creatives, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), creating Responsive websites, etc.

Why should you use a video for your online ads?

Mobile users number is still increasing: 

Internet surfers like to watch videos on the go, and for that, they use their mobiles. Also, according to statistics, people watch short video ads to the end when they view them from mobile devices.

High engagement rate:

If we compare video ads to banner and text ads, it's clear that a video will get more engagement. The reason is that it includes catchy songs, characters, and image movements. Also, the consumption of videos is easier for users and it touches their emotions, so this is what makes it possible to go viral and get more engagements.

Help brands tell their story:

If you own a brand or you want to make a new one, video is the best format ad that will help you to tell your brand story.

Easy way to transfer your message:

Using videos for your online ads will undoubtedly increase your conversion rate better than any other format on social media. If you wondering why? The answer is very simple. Video is considered the easiest way for marketers to reach the emotions of social media users.

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