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Video Ad Creative is considered the highest converting advertising format in social media. In this article, we will discover some pro tips for creating powerful video ads that stop users from scrolling.

But, before starting the essential secret ingredients that will help you make high-converting video ads, let’s talk first about what you should consider before starting.

What should you consider before you start?

Who is your audience?

The target audience means the group of people who may be interested to buy your product or service, so which will watch your video ad. We can define them by age, gender, income, interests, etc.

What problem are you solving?

What problems does your product or service solve for your clients? 

Selling is about solving customer problems. So, you should consider defining clearly the main problem that you are solving before starting any ad creative.

Where is your audience? 

In general, actually Social media is considered the best way for online advertising because it's affordable and targeted. But, you should do a search about your niche and audience in which platforms they are engaged more.

Also, there are different video sizes for each platform. So, knowing this information will help you choose the best video size format.

The 7 secret ingredients 

1- Solve their problem

Show your audience how your service can solve their problem. You can style your ad using this example: ask them if they are sick of [ Explain the problem ] then explain how your product or service will help them to [ Benefits of your offer ].

2- Evoke emotion

Show multiple 3 to 6-seconds parts of emotional happy scenes using the product.

3- Benefits, not features

Good ads focus on benefits, not features. Because let’s be honest, people wanna know just how it will benefit their lives and solve the problem they're having. They will not care about invitations and creativity, so don’t waste your time explaining features in your video ad.

4- Speak to your niche

What you need to do is directly address the problem and the emotion they’re looking for. This will be done by keeping your message clear, direct, and really factual.

5- Use a clear call to action

It's recommended to use a strong command verb to start your Call To Action. Also, using words that provoke emotion or enthusiasm will be a great idea.

6- Make it feel native & Avoid waffle

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